Kitchen Antics

We are always striving to do our best for our clients at Pasco Specialty Kitchen. We are open 7 days a week and allow our clients access to the facility any time of day or night so they can produce their specialty foods and get ‘em on the shelves and into the hands of their customers.

Everyone working within the facility are hard workers and are generally down to earth, nice folks.

Which is why I am was so shocked and surprised that we had an attempted theft at the facility the other night. You are probably wondering why I would share that so publicly, especially when people work here around the clock. Wouldn’t that scare people into not wanting to use our space if it is unsafe? Well, here is the thing, based on the stuff this person left behind, I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about.

Here is the story. One of our smaller kitchens, that was not in use at the time and was unlocked, was entered and ransacked. This kitchen is used primarily for baking so we have large mixers, large baking sheets, and multiple sets of measuring cups, scoops, spatulas, etc.

We also have a lot of cake decorating supplies such as the molds, piping bags and decorative tips. You know the kind that make those decorative flowers and edging that you see on birthday or wedding cakes.

What would you think might be the target? The large commercial mixers, right? They are worth a lot of money and could be easily resold. Well, this person was looking to get away with what he could in a duffle bag, which was left behind when he was about to get caught.

So what was in the bag?

  • A pair of flip flops. Probably for use at the gym.
  • A blue hand towel.
  • A Fitbit.
  • A toiletry kit filled with personal care products from hair gels to moisturizing lotion for sensitive skin. For a guy, he had a lot of products. One of the products found, I have never heard of, is a scalp nourishing treatment called Regenepure DR. This Regenepure shampoo is used to help fight hair loss by nourishing the scalp and preventing DHT build up. It is supposed to make your hair look thicker and fuller. (I was kind of curious about it, so I Googled it)
  • A New York Yankees jersey.
  • AND… all of the decorative icing tips for the piping bags! There were like a 100 of them.

I don’t know what this dude was trying to get away with. I kinda of think that maybe it was some sort of a prank or a dare. Maybe his girlfriend was about to make a batch of cupcakes and he thought it would be funny to take away all the icing tips. Or maybe he is a local college student sent on a dare from by his fraternity.

I don’t know. But no one got hurt, nothing was stolen and I still maintain this is a safe environment to work in.